Installation of polypropylene pipes with his hands.

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Polypropylene Pipes can be used as a distribution mechanism for water supply. Pipes made of polypropylene are used to supply hot and cold water, both drinking and technical, for systems of local and central heating.

Design and installation of pipeline from the polypropylene tubes should be based on the characteristics of the material and available in the market range of fittings.

Polypropylene - a polymer belonging to the family poliofenov. This material is characterized by excellent mechanical, physical and thermal properties. Polypropylene Pipes are ideal for transporting liquids or gases at a temperature to ° C, even for chemically aggressive environments.


The use of polypropylene tubes.

Polypropylene Pipes can be used as a distribution mechanism for water supply. Pipes made of polypropylene are used to supply hot and cold water, both drinking and technical, for systems of local and central heating. When using polypropylene tubes for such purposes should be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer.



Main technical characteristics of polypropylene pipes required for the design of the pipeline.

Specific gravity 0.9 g/cm3.
Chapel tensile strength 25-26 MPa.
Elongation Chapel yield 10-15%.
Modulus of elasticity in bending of 850-900 N/mm2.
Specific impact strength 22 kJ in the 23C.
The coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0.24 W / ms.
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion of 0.12 mm / ms
Types of fittings for polypropylene pipes.

The list of fittings used on this site is presented only for informational purposes (given it to create a more complete picture of opportunities polypropylene pipe). It is not complete. The presence of a fitting by different manufacturers is a little different.

In addition, standard issued valves and filters for direct welded to the trunk pipeline.

Fittings can be divided into two types: fittings used to connect polypropylene elements among themselves and fittings with fittings. Threaded connections are split and not split. Split expensive, so the choice of a particular type of coupling of the conditions for implementing usability. Example: to connect the water meter or storage tank is convenient to use the umbilical fitting, but when you connect the flexible hose is not appropriate to use the umbilical.



Clutches are designed for straight line segments joining pipes, the transition to a different diameter, the transition to the fitting (internal and external thread).

Elbow is designed to rotate the pipe 45 or 90 degrees.

Tee - designed for the connection of three pipes or a branch.
Basic requirements for detail and assembly.

1. Used parts must be free from damage and contamination.
2. The minimum ambient temperature shall be not less than 5 degrees.
3. Parts of polypropylene pipes must be protected from mechanical damage and open fire.
4. Threaded onto the polypropylene parts can not.

Tools Required:

Electric welding device for welding polifuznoy equipped welding nozzles required size.
Scissors for cutting polypropylene tubes (principle the possible use nozhevku, jigsaw. The main thing after sawing to remove the remaining chips and burrs.)
Getting started:

Set on a welding machine nozzle with Teflon coating required diameter.
Preheat welding machine, set thermostat at a temperature of 250-270S. Warm up time machine depends on environmental conditions.


Installation of polypropylene pipes.

Installation is carried out in polypropylene tubes to funnel funds polefuznoy welding in this case, a homogeneous weld quality.
Stages of installation:

1. Need to measure out and cut a piece of pipe length required. When welding foil tube to remove the top and middle metal layer to the depth of the entrance to the coupler fitting.
2. Clear the end of the pipe from burrs.
3. With the help of a marker on the tube to make a mark in the depths of the entrance pipe coupling fitting. The depth of entry depends on the size of the fitting. Please keep in mind that the end of the pipe should not be pulled down all the way into the sleeve fitting. Need to leave space between the butt end and a return projection to the fitting at least 1 mm to prevent the narrowing of the passage tube at the junction.
4. More should be tick marker forming surface of the pipe and fitting means a place of their connection. This will connect the pipes and fittings are not distorting them in the radial direction.
5. At a heated nozzle welding stick fitting and pipe. Warming up the two parts must be carried out simultaneously. The first recommended stick element having a thicker wall. Items should be placed on the nozzle welder tight enough. If one element is mounted is not tight, it should discard and use another after the connection is not strong enough.
Heating time depends on the diameter of the pipe as follows: 16,20 mm - 5c; 25mm - 7c, 32 mm - 8, and 40 mm - 12s.
6. After heating the joined parts we remove them from the nozzle welding machine and connect to each other guided by marks made earlier. Rein back of one piece to another should be a constant effort to avoid turning one detail about the other in the axial direction. This monitor visually skewed in the axial and radial direction. Setting time of the weld about 10 - 30 seconds depending on the diameter of the pipe. The result is that a small correction can be made only in the first few seconds after the connection. Then you should fix the connecting parts to the curing time of about 10 - 30 seconds to get a quality weld.

So join the remaining parts of the pipeline. The order of connection is determined in advance based on the design and installation condition

Read original article - Монтаж полипропиленовых труб своими руками.


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